Fuck Yeah Leonbergers.
I'm a proud owner of a Leonberger. She's the greatest thing in my life.

Pictures posted are from different sites and of my own dog.

If you have your own pictures, just submit.


Our 10 month old Brodie :)
Our 10 month old Brodie :)
schmammum asked: how are leonbergers when you take them on a hike in the mountains? do they get scared easily?

For me It’s been quite the opposite. Leonbergers love to be out in the woods, lay in a creek, and run up or down a hill. 

I’ve only taken my Leo on one major mountain before and that was Hanging Rock in North Carolina when I was down there for a few months. The weather was hot and it is a bit of a tourist attraction; so a major tip would to bring an abundant amount of water, and I mean probably more than you think is necessary. And though my Leo wasn’t scared, when we did take a break to sit or her to drink she didn’t seem so comfortable with people coming up and down the mountain seemingly out of nowhere. But that is just my dog, another might love seeing all the people.

I had her leashed the whole time we were walking but at two small waterfalls we came across she was off leash and able to play in the water, it all depends on how comfortable you feel about having them off leash, if you think the dog is ready for it and you’re confident they’ll come when called. I know my Leo is most distracted when on the beach, It’s probably her favorite place and I take her at night so there’s almost no people and she can be off leash.

Now on back woods trails or through a field my Leo can’t get enough, especially if said trail is covered in snow in New England.

I’d say to definitely take your dog on that hike, just always be mindful of how the dog is doing. If they’re panting and the tongue is a little too white or they’re holding head pretty low, take a break. But a Leonberger loves to run around in the woods and be outside, and will definitely be passed out on the car ride home.

rorywinchesthair asked: hi! I love this tumblr, and i am planning on getting a leonberger as my 1st dog for the 1st house i get (i'm still in college) but how hard are they to train from puppy age?

First off, thank you!

And training a Leo from a puppy age, in my opinion, isn’t so hard. They’re eager to please if you get them excited enough.

But the hard part(s) is that they can be extremely lazy and if training isn’t kept up until a more mature age when you’re confident they know the commands, your dog will most likely slack off or ignore you completely because they don’t find that they have to follow the order. My Leo tries to walk all over me when she thinks she can get away with it.

I’ve shown my Leo at specialty and local shows, she’s good at the commands I taught her for inside the show ring (which are almost all hand gestures and little vocal commands) but some of the others she’s wobbly at simple because I didn’t keep doing them.

Also, that brings up two very effective training aspects. I use more hand gestures and when I do say a vocal command It’s quiet so I know she’s paying attention to my voice. Though on the other hand, my mother when I was a child and we had multiple German Shepherds, she used almost all vocal commands and made sure the dogs were more afraid to disobey a command than anything. But those are also Shepherds and not Leo’s, which I think take more kindly to softer commands because they do like making their owner happy and won’t try to challenge you to a game of wits.

Lastly, if you start training with treats, make sure it’s one of your Leo’s most favorite things (whether bought of made) or else if they don’t like the treat they know they’re going to get they might not follow through on the command. Mine loves almost all meat and I just boil chicken breasts to rip off and give her bits of and it works perfectly.

I hope this helped you be more prepared when you get your Leo. Good luck!


Another photo of my little girl on the first day we got her.
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