Fuck Yeah Leonbergers.
I'm a proud owner of a Leonberger. She's the greatest thing in my life.

Pictures posted are from different sites and of my own dog.

If you have your own pictures, just submit.



I hope you don’t mind a bit of a silly picture of our 4 month old, Dougal. 

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This is Cleo a 2 and a half year old leo I took in after her previous owners left her in a garden for 2 years with no toys, no walking and no socializing. Leonbergers arn’t really popular and well known in england especially where I am and i get people ask me if shes a german shepherd a lot. Shes not all there mentally but I still love her just as much :D
My girl on the left, a friends male on the right.
Anonymous asked: Whats the best thing to feed leonbergers? Meat or dog food?

I’d say you could go either way. How you feed your dog is completely up to you. 

Some people buy a generic brand of dog food, and some go the holistic way where they prepare the meals themselves. Everywhere has that small dog specialty store that’s always natural products, and depending on where you live, in the last year or so Petco has a new brach of stores called Unleashed by Petco that is primarily holistic products.

Learning to read dog food labels is very important. If an animal by-product is the first thing on the list of ingredients, it’s not a great kind of food. How much protein or carbohydrates your Leo will need is not only different compared to a different breed, but each Leo individually. It’s very similar to the food we choose to eat. 

The percentages you see on the dog food bag will change with each size dog and type it’s trying to feed, puppy or senior. 

My Leo doesn’t run around much so I wouldn’t feed fill her with proteins and carbohydrates that she’s not going to burn off the same day. 

Never buy generic dog food without reading the ingredients list first, be mindful of allergies when buying generic or holistic.

My recommendation for dog food: Royal Canin, Wellness, Taste Of The Wild, Blue Buffalo *California Natural and *Solid Gold

*Harder to find at places like your local pet store.

These brands I think serve the best quality you can give your dog. Just because there are those big name brands that you see commercials for everywhere does not mean it’s the best for your dog.

I hope this helped. Any other questions, feel free to ask. :)

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